Here’s why our clinic name is changing

Exciting changes are coming to both Vecino Health Centers locations in the coming year, including updated clinic names and new services.

Welcome to our health center

Airline Children’s Clinic will be called Airline Children and Women’s Health Center, and Denver Harbor Family Clinic will be called Denver Harbor Family Health Center

By changing “Clinic” to “Health Center” we highlight our commitment to our patients’ health. We believe that all families should have access to health services, not just to treat illness or injury, but also to receive services that promote their overall well-being, including preventing costly and debilitating conditions.

Comprehensive pediatric and maternity services at Airline Children and Women’s Health Center

The new name for the Airline site brings attention to our expanding women’s health services. Following an expansion due to be complete in 2023, the facility will offer a full range of health services for women of all ages. 

Currently, Vecino’s center at Airline specializes in pediatric services for infants, toddlers, children, and teens from birth through age 17, as well as in maternity care, including family planning, prenatal, postnatal, and postdelivery services. 

Health services from a recognized health center leader

Did you know that Vecino Health Centers is recognized in the top 10% of more than 1,440 health centers nationwide for quality? By updating our facility names, we are highlighting what we have been since 1999: a community-based health system committed to improving the health of our patients with comprehensive, patient-centered, affordable, and cost-effective services where they are needed most.

Let health shine!