Dr. Graciela Villarreal. Pediatrician

To my parents and patients,

This letter is to notify you of my retirement from pediatrics. I had the good fortune of having worked in a variety of clinics and had numerous job titles and responsibilities during the past 31 years as a pediatrician in Houston, Texas.

These last four and a half years at Airline Children’s Clinic have been so rewarding for me professionally and personally. I was privileged to take care of your children during the two years before COVID and the 2 ½ years since the start of the pandemic.

Many of you experienced serious hardships during the pandemic. For some of you, the mandatory online learning for your children was very difficult, and for others, you had to be creative on how to occupy little ones indoors all day long week after week. Some of you lost family members to COVID and some of you were hospitalized with it. I was truly humbled by the resilience and hope that you demonstrated. It is in community that we stay strong and move forward with any challenge that comes our way.

Thank you, thank you for being part of my community at Airline Children’s Clinic. I also want to thank all of you who allowed my medical student and the family practice residents who worked with me. All of YOU were their teachers. They will not forget you.

My last day here will be on August 4, 2022. Your child will continue to receive excellent care in the clinic and the electronic medical record will easily be accessed by any of the doctors who assume your child’s care. God bless you and your family.


Graciela B. Villarreal, M.D.